Our management team

Our management team comes from many different backgrounds but approach their work with real energy and passion, bringing vital experience to our operations. They guide our company in our quest to achieve our two goals: to achieve top-tier financial performance and make Hyve India Private Limited a great place to work.
Manager Gordon Payne

Gordon entered the world of tradeshows in 1996 after an early career in retail marketing. Over the last 21 years, he has held senior leadership positons in major business media companies specialising in establishing and growing international events. He led critical early growth and global expansion of the CPhI and Food Ingredients franchises at UBM based in the Netherlands. At Clarion, Gordon integrated the transformational DSEi acquisition and established a successful operation in Brazil. More recently, Gordon has focused on leading the development of the growth brands at Hyve Group which included the now world-renowned BETT and CWIEME series.

Manager Sanjeev Batra

Mr Sanjeev Batra is Hyve India's Finance Director. He has been associated with the company for the last 10 years in management roles. A skilled and diligent finance controller, Sanjeev was part of the team that secured the successful acquisition and integration of PAPEREX and MMMM. He has proven great value and support to the company for many years.

Manager Gagan Sahni

Mr Gagan Sahni is the Director- Business Development at Hyve India. He has experience of more than 19 years in the Indian exhibition industry in a number of senior management positions. He is the prime architect of the brand Paperex and has managed 17 prestigious specialised events during his career in industries such as Pulp & Paper, Construction, Food Processing, Education, Environment, Minerals & Metals, Mining, Packaging, Travel & Tourism.


This Leading business event will help to explore the needs of Indian Paper Industry in its efforts to be a part of global market. The expo will surely prove to be a business platform to link paper units to the industry .I extend my best wishes to all the participants, delegates and organizers for the success of the events. Prikko Molkentin –Matilainen, President and CEO, Paper Engineers' Association